The Collaboration Age Catalyst 

Welcome to the DRDG.BIZ stakeholder's website.

DRDG focuses on Information Analytics, Application Development, Resource Development, and Professional Training to deliver value to its Stakeholder Groups. The core DRDG mission is simplicity itself; minimize information age business collaboration barriers wherever possible. 

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Information Analytics

A wisely selected set of organizational activity measures is key to success in the Information Age. Accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enable an optimized business decision-making process.

With DRDG as your small or medium size business (SMB) data management guide, steering your organization towards its mission is a far less traumatic proposition. 

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Application Development

New applications are the life blood of information age organizations. For large scale enterprises, application development is weighty subject matter which requires heavy lifting. However, for the typical SMB, application development can be lightweight and effective. 

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Resource Development and Project Risk Management 

Resource Development activities extend the concept of Project Management into the realm of Organizational Opportunity Risk Management. Organizational projects are conducted to take advantage of highly valued opportunities, which are in turn, associated with a degree of risk.

DRDG identifies the inherent information age project resource risks, measures them against organizational tolerances, recommends mitigation activates and/or controls them throughout project lifecycles to aid in producing the envisioned value.